Technologies and Transportation Cases

Railway transportation is commonly adopted by countries around the world because of its safety and low-pollution characteristics. We have been providing all manner of legal services regarding the construction of railroad, rapid transit, light rail and gondola and the land development around such construction for more than 10 years. We have also participated in amending the Railroad Law, Mass Rapid Transit Law, Highway Law and the laws relating to land development. Recently, we further provided legal services regarding the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and have acted as the legal consultant of the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport construction agreement.

We provide legal services for cable TV and telecommunication industries. We have assisted well-known US and Taiwan corporations in the application of wireless broadband licensing. We additionally provide legal services regarding trademark/patent licenses, technology transfer, confidentiality agreements, joint development, applications for approval and infringement disputes in fields such as bio-tech, medicine, internet and optical technologies.